Sachem Alumni Association Officially Launches

Sachem_Alumni_Feather_BlackIt’s our distinct pleasure to announce the formation of the Sachem Alumni Association, Inc.,  a non-profit organization founded by Sachem alums for Sachem alums.

Our mission is to uphold the tradition of excellence instilled in students while they attended the Sachem Central School District, and as they continue to carry those values and principles later in life, with the purpose of enriching relationships and fostering educational support within the Sachem community.

The board will operate with a set of guiding principles that include building life-long relationships and a sense of pride among students and alumni, always honoring Sachem’s “Tradition of Excellence” with programs, events and initiatives, recruiting alumni to actively promote the Sachem Alumni Association as an essential part of the overall experience as a student and alumnus, and to award scholarships to deserving students while promoting academic excellence.

The second you graduate from Sachem you automatically become a member of the Sachem Alumni Association. We’re a group that is roughly 50,000 strong thanks to large graduating classes since 1959. Your status as an alumnus of the Sachem Central School District entitles you to a lifetime of pride, and also the ability to participate in many events related to our organization and the school district.

Our founding board is comprised of four Sachem alums, including myself. I’m thankful for the support from Matt Barbis (’89), Tom Sabatelle (’60) and Lou Antonetti (’96). They are all successful in their personal and professional lives and have represented our district with class and respect in all that they have done.

Go Arrows!

Yours in Sachem passion, spirit and pride,

Chris R. Vaccaro, Class of ’04

President/Founder, Sachem Alumni Association

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