Sachem Alumni Association Launches “Sachem Delivers” Campaign

The Sachem Alumni Association has launched another initiative to inspire students to dream big, achieve success and represent the district proudly in the future.

Original “Sachem Delivers” poster from 1992 that hangs at Sachem North.

Stemming from an old campaign from 1992 sponsored by the Sachem Central Teachers Association, the Alumni Association has released a modern version of the “Sachem Delivers” program, placing posters highlighting successful alumni in each of Sachem’s secondary schools.

Each secondary school in Sachem has received at least one poster with the slogan “Sachem Delivers, Where Dreams Begin” and the Alumni Association will create new posters each year for each building.

This year’s poster’s feature the first 10 inductees of the Sachem Hall of Honor. Check below to see the modern poster prints.

“We have an opportunity to use real world examples of success to inspire current Sachem students,” said Chris R. Vaccaro, ’04, president and founder of the Sachem Alumni Association, who often shares his story of being inspired by sportswriter Rich Cimini on the original “Sachem Delivers” poster outside of the cafeteria when he attended Sachem North. “We have been focused on providing programs and campaigns at the high schools, but this allows us to have material in the middle schools as well. Again, thousands of students will see and learn about our alumni base and be inspired.”

About the Sachem Alumni Association: The Sachem Alumni Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to upholding the tradition of excellence instilled in students while they attended the Sachem Central School District and as they continue to carry those values and principles later in life, with the purpose of enriching relationships and fostering educational support within the Sachem community. The Sachem Alumni Association, Please follow the Sachem Alumni Association on, like us on Twitter @SachemAlumni and visit for more information.