Sachem Hosts First Hall of Honor Induction

The first Sachem Hall of Honor induction ceremony was held on Saturday, April 1.

An inaugural class of 10 inductees were honored at an open ceremony organized by the Sachem Alumni Association.

Students read the induction capsules as the inductees were honored in front of friends and family.

Inductees included:

  • Dr. John Cassese, Class of 1960
  • Stephen Costello, Class of 1979
  • Alexander DiGuardia, Class of 1965
  • Kirk Lloyd Douglas, Class of 1990
  • Robert Greifeld, Class of 1975
  • Jerry Figgiani, Class of 1978
  • Dr. John Heymach, Class of 1985
  • Tim Latham, Class of 1984
  • Lori Ann LaRocco, Class of 1989
  • Steve Levy, Class of 1977

Click here to learn more about our inductees.

Photos by JoArt Photography